This is where you can find answers to common questions for Ultimate Condition Fitness (UCF).

How much does personal training / small group fitness cost?

Personal training sessions are between $60 and $70 dollars for a one hour session and all 30 minute sessions cost $30. Our small group fitness can pay by the class, per month, or every 3 months. Please refer to our services page for further information on pricing.

What kind of workout can I expect at UCF Small Group Fitness?

UCF Small Group Fitness is a 50 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) total body workout. This is a fast paced workout that focuses on resistance training, cardio, and abs. Our Small Group Fitness program is the most efficient way to get in shape without spending 5 hours at a crowded gym. You are guaranteed to build muscle and burn a ton of calories at UCF Small Group Fitness!